Nourish Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

Sensitive Skin? We've Got You Covered!
For skin that thinks everything is a bad idea, our Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is like a hug from Mother Nature herself. 
Perfect for those who feel like they need to live in a bubble, our natural, hypoallergenic ingredients ensure that your little one can face the world without turning into a tomato. 
Finally, a product your sensitive baby’s skin won’t have a meltdown over!

Tangled Hair? Not on Our Watch!
Say goodbye to the epic battles with your baby’s hairbrush! 
Our Baby Shampoo and Body Wash transforms hair from a tangled mess into a silky masterpiece while leaving their skin feeling like it just came back from a tropical vacation. 
Enriched with organic & natural oils and botanicals, it’s like having a personal beauty team on call.

Planet-friendly and Proud of it!

Our commitment to the planet is so strong, we’re practically on a first-name basis with Mother Earth. 
Using biodegradable materials and eco-friendly packaging, we ensure that your baby’s beauty routine won’t make the planet break out in a rash. 
Join us in saving the world, one gorgeous strand of hair and nourished inch of skin at a time

No More Tears, Only Cheers!
Our tear-free Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is like a spa day for your little one – minus the cucumber slices on the eyes. Say goodbye to the drama of bath time tantrums and hello to giggles and bubbles. 
Made with the finest organic and natural ingredients, it’s gentle enough to keep everyone smiling, from tots to adults who still fear the soap in the eye!