[Xmas Special] Bundle RM300 (2.6L)
[Xmas Special] Bundle RM300 (2.6L)

[Xmas Special] Bundle RM300 (2.6L)

RM300.00 MYR (tax included) RM446.30 MYR Save 33%
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1) Bundle Contains: 

Eumicare Natural Tea Tree Sanitizer Easy Carry (50ml Nano Mist Spray - Refillable) x 2 Bottles

Eumicare Natural Tea Tree Sanitizer Nano Mist (500ml Nano Mist) x 2 Bottles

Eumicare Natural Tea Tree Sanitizer Child Lock (500ml) x 3 Bottles

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2) Product Description:

The new formulation is infused with Natural Tea Tree, Eucalyptus (New), and Lavender (New) Oil, and it is as effective in killing pathogens on surfaces and air. How about the scent you may ask? Well, as opposed to the typical sanitizer with floral artificial fragrance, Eumicare Sanitiser's new formulation starts with a crisp of natural lavender, a hint of eucalyptus then ends with refreshing natural tea tree oil - a scent that is relaxing and refreshing for daily use. 

• Easy Carry (50ml)

Pocket-size nano mist spray keeping you safe on the go! Best of all, it is refillable!

• Family Size (500ml Child Lock Spray)

A 2-ways fine mist sprayer with a child lock feature makes it safer even with kids around!

• Family Size (500ml Nano Mist Spray)

Equipped with Nano Mist Sprayer for better surface coverage and each full pump lasts for 3 seconds of spraying. Lesser pumps and continuous spraying are as convenient as a spray gun!

3) Direction to use: 

Sanitize hand: Spray a small amount on your hands, rub vigorously until dry.

On surfaces: Spray on the surface, leave on for 30 seconds, and wipe with a paper towel or cloth.

Use as an air freshener: Hold upright and spray a few times. Avoid spraying on the face.